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How to Join

Joining the hunt club is easy. Here’s what you’ll need:
 - Sponsorship letters from two members
 - A completed application
Once the membership committee chair receives these documents, the board will consider the application at its next regular meeting. Send applications to the club administrator: [email protected]


Ride as a Guest

Come as a guest by invitation in one of three ways -by invitation from a member, by contacting a Master or Field Secretary or by properly receiving a fixture card. It is the responsibility of the host to see to the guest's comfort and observance of fox chasing etiquette in the field as to attire and courtesies. Arrive early and locate the field secretary who will collect the cap fee and signed waiver (release) prior to mounting.

CAP FEES - for adults are $75.00 on weekends and holidays, $60.00 on other days. Cap fees for juniors (18 and under) is $40.00 at all hunts. Guests are limited to 3 hunts per season except pony club members and juniors who may hunt an unlimited number of times.

To receive periodic emails from the club, contact the public relations chair, Kathy Glockner at [email protected]