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Welcome To De La Brooke Foxhounds W

De La Brooke Foxhounds W is a hunt club recognized with the Masters of Foxhounds Association. Riding to the hounds in Southern Maryland is steeped in history and traditions and offers members unique year-round activities including fox chasing from October through March, trail rides, hound walking and various social activities.

The hunt club, De La Brooke Foxhounds W, began circa 1939 as the Charles County Hunt and was associated with the Hawthorne Hunt Club. The hunt club tabled its operations during World War II but reorganized after the conflict ended. By 1961, the HHC was known as the Wicomico Hunt Club. In 1973, the WHC, led by Master of the Hounds Dr. Eugene Guazzo, decided to register under the Master of Fox Hounds Association, a national hunt club registry. Learning there was another WHC on the Eastern Shore, the club changed its name to De La Brooke Foxhounds W in honor of Robert Brooke and the original Wicomico name.